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karins is tracking this powerful hurricane this morning. bill, what can you tell us? >> we're in the middle of an historic event. it has already hit jamaica and it's over the top of cuba. it's going to head up into the bahamas. for the southeastern u.s. it will be a glancing blow as far as florida is concerned. the storm almost 500 miles away from miami. the winds intensified overnight, 110 miles per hour. cuba was hit harder than they were expecting. what's going to happen and where is the storm going? as i mentioned the southeast especially florida, georgia, south carolina area, a glancing blow for you. not a direct impact. large waves and beach erosion, yes, not the winds and heavy rain. by the time we get to sunday, this is the important part here. some of our computers take it towards washington, d.c. others take it more or less up towards maine and boston. somewhere in there the storm will get sucked back to the coast as a large storm system. large wind field, heavy rain, storm surge. a lot of issues towards the coastal areas of new england come sunday and then defini
. >>> and now for a look at your national and regional weather, here's nbc meteorologist bill karins. he has your weather channel forecast. good morning, bill. >> i'm kind of rooting for the monkey on that story. >> you know what, let him run around! he's having fun. >> just return him to the wild. there really is no wild habitat for monkeys in this country anymore, is there? >> no, unfortunately for him. >> good morning, everyone. down in cuba, it was not a pretty scene last night. hurricane sandy intensified right before landfall. santiago was right in the brunt of the eye. and the pictures out of there won't be pretty once they come out today. about 75% of jamaicans without power and even haiti. of course, that could be very prone to flash flooding and they're getting bands of heavy rain. even the dominican republic is, too. so, where is this storm heading next? it will be a problem likely for the mid-atlantic northward, paralleling the coastline around florida, but i really think new england will be the troublesome spot. now, as far as the west goes, we're okay today. we get our little b
karins has been tracking this powerful hurricane for us. bill, what can you tell us? >> this is going to be an historic event but eventually all the way up into areas of new england. let's get into it. the storm intensified before it slammed into cuba. there's the eye off the coast. this rain ban over haiti, they're also going to see a lot of destruction this morning from those heavy rains. they're very prone to mud slides. about 480 miles away from miami right now. winds at 110 miles per hour. almost a category three storm. keeps it as a hurricane through the bahamas just off the florida coast. brushing the florida coast. very large waves. maybe a few rain bans. it parallels the southeast coast line saturday and sunday with heavy rains most likely in areas of coastal north carolina and then the curve back towards new england. it feels like a possible u.s. landfall from southern maine all the way down to maryland. that's the target zone, lynn. where the storm comes inland we will see problems with wind, rain, snow on the back side. amazing. we've never had a storm like this before. >>
it or not -- believe it or not, there were no injuries reported. here is nbc meteorologist bill karins with your forecast. that is one place i would not ever want to be. >> you have to watch those restrictor plate races. all the cars have to go similar speeds. you get huge wrecks. >> scary. >> can't-miss tv. scary to watch it happen and to be in it. let me give you an update on the forecast. one area in northern mississippi coming down to southern tennessee. it looks like it will go to the south of nashville. the rain in new england has exited. that will be good. today we'll start off with sunshine in new england. it's cool out there this morning. the clouds will increase. dry this morning but late this afternoon into the evening, philadelphia, new york, baltimore. weather does improve for the east coast as we go throughout the week. washington, d.c., will have enjoyable weather wednesday, thursday, friday. it's in the middle of the country where it's very cold this morning, veronica. it will be a nice columbus day from chicago all the way through the hard land. >>> but just not where it's raini
monroe and nicole kidman? bill karins? >> they all have long beautiful hair. >> he's following in their steps as the face of chanel no. 5. reportedly being paid $7 million for these efforts. >>> this now comes to us from wmc action news 5 in memphis, tennessee, where in nearby oxford, history has come full circle. this weekend, the university of mississippi crowned its first ever african-american homecoming queen. the selection of courtney pearson comes 50 years after ole miss first allowed black students to be admitted, which at the time, led to race riots. pearson credits a diverse group of supporters in winning the vote. >>> i'm veronica de la cruz, this is "early today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. >>> three sea lions in peru were given a new lease on life. fiona, felix, and flynn were released back into the wild. the sea lions were badly injured after being attacked by fishermen, but have all made fantastic recoveries. the trio were taken care of thanks to a project aimed at reintegrating endangered species. >>> a town in mexico is celebratin
will be sold to raise money for breast cancer awareness. >>> your national weather. we turn to bill karins capturing busy weather headlines. >> huge storm that spawned severe storms last night. the state of mississippi got hit the worst. the storms as far as the official tallies go about 77 storm reports, the blue dots are the damaging wind reports, the red is the tornado reports. we had three of them. it appears the one near yazoo city and to the south of meridian did the most damage. a couple thousand without people in central mississippi and the storms have weakened. a look at that storm that did cause the issues. here it was as it went through the meridian, mississippi, area. now in south central portions of alabama. it has weakened significantly. no longer a tornado threat but in monroeville you're going to get gusty winds, hear the lightning and thunder and those storms should be passing by within the next hour. otherwise, the storms have weakened significantly. it looks like these storms heading down toward i-10 will produce heavy rain. this storm in the northern plains got blown ar
. one in jamaica and one in haiti. so, nbc meteorologist bill karins has been tracking this powerful hurricane this morning. what can you tell us? >> unfortunately, the storm intensified and right now over santiago cuba got nailed in the unfortunate right quadrant at the eye of landfall. jamaica, 75% of the island does not have power and bands over hatedty will cause life threatening flash flooding through the morning hours. the bahamas during the day today will also take the brunt of this. up to category 2. a major hurricane when it made landfall last night in cuba ask moving to the north at 18 miles an hour, about 440 miles away from miami. the new forecast from the national hurricane center. it parallels the southeast coastline all the way through the outer banks through sunday into monday. that means a glancing blow for areas such as miami, west palm beach, daytona beach, jacksonville, charleston through myrtle beach and back into the carolinas. and then the storm should be captured where it will be appear soared by a big cold front and area of low pressure across the united stat
is feeling the punch after sandy left at least 2 -- 21 people dead. bill karins will have a complete forecast of the storm's path coming up in just a few minutes. >>> new poll numbers out in colorado and nevada. two swing states the president won in 2008 and is now fighting to hang on to. according to the latest marist poll, 48%. in nevada the president still clinging to a 3-point advantage. he's ahead 50% to 47%. a slight uptick for president obama from last month. this was conducted after the final debate. we're already seeing the impact of the final debate. and look what's happening in virginia. a new fox poll shows romney leading by two points. last month this same poll had barack obama up seven points. this is where it gets interesting. in the national poll, they have romney up. and "the washington post" of likely voters have mitt romney taking a three-point lead. 50% to 47%. on monday the president was leading 49% to 48%. and on the economy, mitt romney now is holding a sizable nine-point lead. >> 160 miles separated the two candidates last night holding dualing rallies in the state of
right to bill karins and the weather channel forecast. what's it looking like right now. >> sandy is an amazing anomaly. this storm this time of year should not be this strong this far north. at this point in the math it should not be ready to take a hook back into the northern mid atlantic states and southern new england. that's all going to happen today. we'll deal with, in some cases, devastating storm surge and the wind damage is going to be incredible with still leaves on the trees in many areas from philadelphia to the d.c. areas. there's the center of the storm. still thunderstorms around the center. it's feasting right now over the warm waters of the gulf stream. it may even intensify a little bit. amazingly the winds went up this morning to 85 miles per hour, now only a little less than 400 miles away from new york city. it will accelerate and move quickly towards the coast. the weather will go downhill in a hurry. look for landfall somewhere near atlantic city to wild booed to cape may, new jersey, as we go about the 8:00 to 10:00 hour on the east coast. that also coinci
in the 1940s. >>> and now for a look at your national and regional weather, here's bill karins with a weather channel forecast. good morning to you. >> good morning. the shuttle going into l.a., it was actually so hot and it was moving so slowly -- >> did you see how quickly it was moving in our video? >> it was in our video. but there were over 30 people treated for heat exhaustion because there were people in the sun waiting all day for the shuttle. if you were in the middle of the country, you dealt with this powerful storm. watching football games from the midwest on saturday and so many of them just got drenched. that storm system lingered yesterday through portions of illinois, wisconsin, and michigan, and now it's finally on the move. the cold front is headed from the eastern seaboard and there will be a little bit of rain with it. not as bad as what we saw over the weekend. oklahoma city picked up two to three inches of rain. now you're in a nice mild dry pattern. up the east coast, it is warm this morning ahead of the front and that will spark some showers and storms eventually. this
as the storm approaches. more on that in just a moment. first, lets ae go right to bill karins for the very latest on this hurricane. bill . >>> good morning to you, willie. new update from the national hurricane center. there was zero good news spread by them. the storm has increased in intensity a little bit. now we're looking at possibly 80 to 90 mile per hour landfall. maybe the storm surge could be a little bit worse. this is not what anyone wanted to hear. the winds are now the up to 85 miles per hour. that's a healthy hurricane. for this time of year it's ridiculous. you don't get these this far north this time of year. it's moving to the north at 15. now only about 350 to 400 miles away from new york city. here's the new forecast path. they shifted it just a little bit south. it was up here in central jersey and now they lowered it a little bit towards wildwood. that's a better forecast for a few spots including philadelphia. it's one of those rare events where the winds will be very weak. you don't mind if this goes over the top of you in philadelphia. if you're to the north of thi
:00 in the morning. time now to get a check on your weather from nbc meteorologist bill karins. do you do this? >> i do this. i would have brought flowers or something if i knew you were coming in this morning. >> you should have. i brought a feminine touch to the table. i don't understand. >> flowers? >> not flowers, chocolate. >> how about you shut up and do the weather. >> i like it when she's feisty. good morning, everyone. hopefully you embrace all the nice, beautiful, cold canadian air as we went through the week end. you didn't have a choice. that did sweep all the way across the country from the great lakes to the east coast. it's here to stay. it doesn't look like any big warmup is here. if you're one of those people who does have to go to school or work today, you definitely need the heater on in the car to bundle up the kids. 33 in kansas city. the east coast is a little chilly with temperatures in the 30s and 40s. little light rain in tennessee, northern mississippi. later today some of those clouds and showers will sneak their way through the carolinas, virginia, philadelphia, d.c. new
national weather, we turn to nbc meteorologist bill karins who has your weather channel forecast. no joke, i once saw a frito chili pie where they just threw it inside the bag and you just take a spoon and shovel it out. >> i've never heard of it before. >> where have you been? >> obviously under a rock. >> in your weather cave. welcome. >> you've had it before? >> no, i've just seen it. >> you've just seen it. you didn't want a month-long sodium intake in one bite? good morning, everyone. as far as the weather goes, we have numerous areas of wet weather for the eastern seaboard anywhere from pennsylvania down through west virginia and virginia, the carolinas, down i-95 into florida, everyone n t needs the umbrella. it begins to spread northwards. this storm is bringing warm air with it, kind of humid air. overall just more or less scattered showers. anyone in the middle of the country to the west, it is mild. it is dry. and enjoy it while it lasts. we have some cold air heading your way towards the week's end into the upcoming weekend. first let me give you a little radar tour. up 81 th
gray, nbc news. >>> waiting, indeed. bill karins is tracking sandy as it heads towards the u.s. bill, what's the latest? >> in the last 24 hours, lynn, the forecast for northern new england has improved. this is the forecast from the national hurricane center. paralleling the coast over the next two days and then taking it sunday into monday towards the northern mid-atlantic and the northeast. let me get in a little closer on the cone of uncertainty. the cone goes from providence, new york city, delaware, maryland, virginia and all through the chesapeake area. again, don't focus on the center line, not yet. wait until we get over the weekend, a little closer to see where the direct landfall is going to be. computer models connecticut landfall and as far south as maryland, delaware and maybe even virginia landfall. the cluster in the middle would be somewhere here into the new jersey area. here's how one of our computer sees it. the center line where we're watching the center of the storm and begins to track towards the coast, a landfall in jersey. the bottom line with this storm, if
meteorologist bill karins is tracking sandy for us. he's been doing so all week. bill, what's the latest? >> good morning to you, lynn. the storm is just off the florida coast. tracking all the way up and down the eastern seaboard. so many people on the west coast travel there or have family and friends that could be impacted by this storm. a lot of our favorite vacation spots on the east coast are getting impacted. high winds in florida. it will be a lot worse as we go through the weekend and especially the tail end of the weekend into the northeast. it almost looks like an extra tropical system or a hybrid with tropical conditions to the north sucking in dry air to the south. that's going to be the story with this. new england is not going to be hit with a hurricane. it will be a nor'easter with rain instead of snow. the forecast path takes it parallel to the coast and then inland, somewhere right along the big cities. some of the most highly density populated areas. between washington, d.c. and new york city. we won't focus too much on the center because it will be a broad wind field
. >>> now for a look at your national weather, i turn to bill karins. i say that with no judgment. >> not at all. >> not at all. >> plastic surgeons are cringing. a little botox into the "o" on the side. >> how is the weather, bill? >> it's okay. it's a mild morning out there. no frost on the pumpkin this morning, though. warm pacific air is blowing across the country. at least for now we shut the door on the cold canadian air we got a taste of last week. the big storm system that's kicking up through new england is exiting during the day today. the southern half of the country from arizona and california to florida, everyone is going to see a relatively dry day today. just a few spots of wet weather. as temperatures go, we're in the 50s and 60s up the eastern seaboard, 40s in the great lakes. you need a light jacket this morning. in some cases probably no jacket at all in texas. look at denver, you're even warm at 61 degrees. a few spots of rain. we have a little bit exiting new england. a few showers up here in the northern plains and a larger storm. this one will give us proble
on that incredible story in just a moment. first, let's go up to bill karins for the very latest on this storm. bill, where are we right now? >> we're about 95% done with all the damage that this storm has produced. and, again, the majority of it was last night at about 8:00 p.m. as we had the high tide cycles right along the jersey coast. of course, with those gusty hurricane-force winds that we dealt with all yesterday afternoon and evening. but i still have concerns this morning. we have the next high tide cycle approaching areas that had the devastation last night. this will not be as high. the storm is a little weaker, a little further inland. it will be much higher than normal. we'll have more minor damage occurring at this high tide cycle. the next one in new york city down by battery park is just after 9:00 a.m. this morning. it is not expected to be high enough this time to flood the streets and flood the subways like the one did last night at 8:00. but we still need to watch it. it is still going to be much higher than normal. the one last night was 13 feet. this one should be more like 9
's turn to nbc meteorologist bill karins. he's shaking his head like been there, done that, i know how that goes. >> so many people in our generation is so happy there wasn't social media in our high school days. >> we just had observant neighbors. >> yes. >> those cared aren't supposed to be parked in the driveway. >> been there, done that. we thought we'd get away with that one. >> good morning, everyone. the weather around the country is going to be interesting to say the least the rest of this october. it will be different than what we've been dealing with. this is the october temperature forecast. we've had an unbelievably warm 2012. we've off the charts, on pace for warmer than average. now the prediction for october is for a good chunk of the eastern half of the country to see cooler than normal temperatures which we haven't seen. get ready for a big change. that's coming starting today. the west we're still expecting a pretty warm october for you. here's the beginnings of the cold air up here in montana with temperatures in the 40s. the rest of the country is a warm morning. we
. for more, we turn to bill karins. was there a refrigerator filled with beer there? >> an easy chair? he deserves it after that. it fits october, the fall colors works. >> it works. the redskins are thanking you. >> i haven't seen the seattle seahawks uniforms. they are bright. we are talking a snowstorm this morning. the first of the season rolling through north dakota. dropped snow in montana. it's intensifying now. we are going get school cancellations in grand forks. 40-mile-per-hour winds and six inches of snow. by anyone's standards, that's a snowstorm. it's going to spread into the northwest corner of minnesota. fargo could get some. here is a web cam, the university of north dakota medical school. you can see the snow coming down. there's a car in the background getting snow covered. as temperatures fall, you'll see the snow accumulating on the roads. as far as how much snow, six to 12 inches to the north and west of grand forks on the minnesota side. fargo, north dakota, one to three inches. just an early taste of winter for them. new york city down to d.c., it's a mild morning
's for sure. >>> now, for a look at the national weather, we turn to meteorologist bill karins. he probably has a conspiracy theory. why would i think that? >> government. not sure which one but it's a government ploy somewhere. keep the kids out of the water. good morning, everyone. we have active weather that's going to happen. thunderstorms pushing through the nashville area and tennessee. a weak storm with cold, chilly rain. this is the beginning of an active weather pattern. if you are in the middle of the country, new thunderstorms popping up here. areas of new mexico. after a quiet first two weeks of october, we are going to have the first weather event starting tomorrow. here is a look at the storms as they push through the area. light rain now. they are racing through central portions of tennessee. the drive on interstate 40 is the worst drive in the country with the storms crossing the interstate as we speak. near springfield, missouri, a lot of lightning strikes. near the springfield area, i'm sure that interstate is not fun, either. isolated strong storms, an area of yellow. it'
on the road, do a little photo-op. >> follow the spud. >> national weather now with bill karins. that's just our execute to get out there and travel. >> when the president's campaign is over, there will be extra buses, take those buses and go. >> brilliant. >>> good morning, everyone. as far as this morning goes, getting out the door for yourself, the one piece of news you need to know if you live in arkansas, mississippi, missouri, southern illinois, tennessee, these are areas that have a chance of seeing severe thunderstorms today. almost like a spring-like set up once again. you probably femt it in the air yesterday. it's very warm. we'll add some humidity. and when the strong cold front comes through, we'll spark the severe weather late today and there is a chance of some tornadoes with this. so if you're in the little rock area to memphis especially done to jackson, mississippi, that's the favorite area if we're going to get any tornadoes late today. make sure you know that your plans just in case to keep yourself and your family safe. that would be late this afternoon into this evening
. bad combo, apparently. >>> for a look at the weather we return to bill karins. there will be a big impact because of this. >> that storm has now arrived on the east coast. that's with the cold front and rain out ahead of that storm. let's take a radar tour up the eastern seaboard. if you're heading out the door, many areas on i-95 you'll need the umbrella. north carolina we have rain coming up around lumberton and fayetteville. there will be light showers for you, eventually roanoke raps will get some of the rain. further to the nornl, we're in a lull right now around washington, d.c. to richmond. that rain in north carolina will move to the north. you're not done yet. further to the north, much more widespread in the areas of rain and heavy downpours. right along the new jersey/pennsylvania border, over the delaware river. we have numerous showers that are coming up off the ocean here, over connecticut, into connecticut itself and now they're starting to increase over central jersey. i'd give it about a half hour. we'll see on and off periods of rain, even in new york city. then w
learned, i hope. >>> for another look at the weather, let's go to bill karins. >> i bring road flairs with me to basketball games. >> why not? >> things a little different over there. bring the umbrella with you. rainy weather, interstate 90, new york state thruway, buffalo to rochester. we'll track that rain today through central new york, albany, later today hartford and possibly areas around new york city could deal with showers. elsewhere, thunderstorms around chicago this morning that we could get airport delays. >> thank you very much. >>> christine that aguilera's new robust offer. entertainment is straight ahead. [ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles military families face, we understand. at usaa, we know military life is different. we've been there. that's why every bit of financial advice we offer is geared specifically to current and former military members and their families. [ laughs ] dad! dad! [ applause ] ♪ [ male announcer ] life brings obstacles. usaa brings advice. call or visit us online. we're ready to help. >>> today donald trump -
, bill karins. >> i didn't see your addition to cutie mccute on the list. >> oh, that's a good one. we'll throw that in there with the other 7,000. >>> not so much today but in the days ahead, a lot of potential with what happens with sandy. unfortunately this storm is intensifying and it looks like jamaica will get hit with a hurricane as we go into this afternoon into this evening. a pin needful of an eye has begun to form. worst-case scenario would be a category 2 hurricane. by their standards, it will do damage but it won't be a huge blow. then it will cross cuba and then all eyes will be on the south. the new advisory just out from the hurricane center, tropical storm watches have been issued for the southeastern portion of florida. we're thinking now that there's the potential at least for some of the gusty winds to make it towards florida. here's the new forecast path for tropical storm sandy. over cuba thursday, on friday going through the bahamas. most likely the central bahamas. close enough to south florida for large waves, outer bands of rain are possible. wind gusts, 30 to
the display. >>> for a look at your national and regional weather, nbc meteorologist bill karins has our weather forecast. >> the wife should have gave in and did the man cave instead. >> yes. let him golf every day. he'll definitely have her flowers back real quick. >> maybe she's helping him. good morning, everyone. full out snowstorm is underway in areas of eastern north dakota. winter starts early in the dakotas, but this is slightly ridiculous. we didn't see too much in the way of the bismarck area but right now rain has turned over to snow from jamestown, grand forks will soon change over and even fargo will watch it turning to snow in the morning. we could even see school cancellations in this area for the first week of october. how much snow are we talking about? there's a possibility along interstate 29, the white is 3 to 6 and the pink is 6 to 12. a quick thump to the eastern side of minnesota right with the border of north dakota. other areas of concern today, still more fog this morning in the northern mid-atlantic states. the airports could have more delays. new york city do
at your national weather, once again, bill karins with that forecast. >> a lot of people want to know the timing. like when will the destruction happen. friday and saturday are the prep days. sunday it will go downhill. here's the computer. the brighter colors show the extremely heavy rains. that was where the center of the storm would be. as we go throughout monday midnight into tuesday. so late monday, the rain rates will really intensify in the mid-atlantic. this storm has the system going more or less going towards the jersey shore. then inland the rains pound the chesapeake. that's where the flash flooding would be the highest. at this time, if that landfall was in southern jersey, the winds would be overnight monday into tuesday morning. coastal areas of connecticut and long island. this gives you a gist of the north side of the storm. >> such a huge area. >> you're not going to win. if you're near the storm, you're going to get some. >>> another reason aspirin is good for you and a story that truly goes beyond any family's worst nightmare. your headlines are straight ahead. >>>
they are sandbagging near lake on it as sandy's rath ends inland. nbc meteorologist bill karins has the latest. >> about 95% of the worst is over. that's the amount of damage that's been done. probably about 5% to go. i think the most extreme damage was done last night at that high tide cycle from atlantic city up the jersey shore and into the greater new york city area and out onto long island. the midnight high tide cycle along coastal connecticut. the size of this storm is so immense. it was only a category 1. typically a category 1 does, but not epic damage. because the storm was so i'm meansly large, it was able to transport the water so efficiently. it was just like a big hand in a bathtub, just splashing the water along the beaches. it was forced to go inland. that's what we dealt with. the storm has weakened. it has moved into areas of south central pennsylvania. there's a lot of elements with it still. we still have a couple of high wind warnings along lake ontario and as we go through lake erie, spine of the appalachians and the philadelphia area. we could see minor wind damage. as o
potato sculpture arrived at an 18 foot fork in the road. sounds like a bill karins joke. the photo op is part of an anniversary celebration. the group towed the 6 foot spud out west. >>> now for a look at your national and regional weather, we check in with nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> that's fine. >> i try. >> i would have showed up with the butter, the sour cream and the bacon. >> i'll be there with the ketchup. let's make a couple french fr s fries. >> big huge frier. big storm in the west. two or three days worth of storminess in the northern plains, great lakes around chicago. this storage is going to be a slow moving one. it's going to have a good punch to it today and a chance of severe weather. right now the storm is located here north of nebraska over the top of south dakota. it's not so much severe thunderstorms, it's very windy in the northern plains. we have warm air out ahead of it. classic setup. cold, high pressure. no snow with the system for the most part. east coast, you're fine today. the storm will avoid you until friday. we have some rain out there. bismarck
on sandy, we go to bill karins who has been tracking this all night. bill, i think what struck both of us and again we're going see a lot more when the sun come up, but so many of these local leaders and officials who we've been talking to through the night say it actually was worse than expected. so often they say the media overhypes these kinds of storms. but this has been absolutely devastating. >> yeah. it's not often that -- [ no audio ] >> bill? can you check your mike? i'm not sure your microphone is on. he's on a riser. you got it back on? no. looks like he doesn't have his mike. we're going to take a quick break. we're going to come back. bill will have the complete forecast for us right after this. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i just finished a bowl of your new light chicken pot pie soup and it's so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? let me put you on webcan... ...lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth mmm i can still see you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. customer erin swenson bought so, i'm happy. today.u. sales go up... i'm happy.
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